HCNS 2024

Madjid Samii

President, INI-Hannover, China-INI and INI-Iran

Madjid Samii became a professor of neurosurgery aged 33 at the University of Mainz. As a pioneer of modern micro neurosurgery, especially of nerve transplantation, he has earned the title ‘father of skull base surgery’. To support research in biotechnical connections within central and peripheral nerve systems, Samii established the Neurobionics Foundation in 1990s. As WFNS President, Samii established the first foundation of WFNS dedicated to training doctors in underdeveloped countries, and was appointed WFNS Ambassador to Africa. Samii is currently President of the International Neuroscience Institute (INI) Hannover, China INI and INI Iran.
His major contribution for medicine was the introduction of micro neurosurgery in neurosurgery already in 1966 which was a turning point for modern neurosurgery. With his untiring distribution of his own discoveries through all over the world, he additionally has created and inaugurated a new surgical field in medicine as interdisciplinary Skull Base Surgery. With this new specialty now worldwide, every year thousands of patients who had no chance of treatment in the past, could be saved. For his contribution for development of the modern
neurosurgery and for his unlimited effort for his educational programs for Neurosurgeons worldwide, he has received the many exceptional medals, awards and honors from all countries.

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